Wooden and Metal Door Repair

Doors are some of the most prominent features in any house, they are conversation points and provide division in the household. Doors create private spaces when closed and when opened doors allow the free flow of traffic and ideas. Doors can be made of UPVC, Composite, wood or metal, but regardless, they are critical to the structural integrity of a home along with the pleasing aesthetics. Truth be told, great doors are conversation pieces and enjoyed by residents and guests alike, which is why it is important to maintain them.

Unfortunately, doors are prone to cracking, denting, losing their finish, and other problems. When a door is damaged, this affects both rooms that it partitions. Furthermore, depending on the nature of the door’s damage, it could impact the structure of the area around it. If a door is damaged, there could be other issues that would arise from unrepaired damage. Things like rust on metal doors, termites and other issues with wood doors can ravage a house – but they don’t need to!

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Furthermore, damaged wood and metal doors impact the aesthetics of a home, and depending on the nature of the damage it could irreparably harm the resale or assessed value of a home. That’s why it’s important to take care of small problems when observed. These small repairs could save you replacing entire area surrounding the affected door.

Fortunately, CN Surface Repairs are the experts in fast, undetectable repairs for wood and metal doors. Instead of having your damaged wood and metal doors completely replaced, CN Surface Repairs can repair the problem areas to look as if they were never a problem – they’re indistinguishable from the rest of your wood and metal doors!

Though CN Surface Repairs is based in the West Midlands, they handle projects all over the UK. Their fast, professional response and repair team is a leader within the industry because their first priority is customer satisfaction.

CN Surface Repairs’ wood and metal door repair is fully guaranteed and you’ll rest assured their professionals need to do the job once in order to do it right!

Neglecting wood and metal doors is not an option. Your first step to repairing your damage is calling us or you can send us pictures of the damage via this online enquiry form, in many cases we can save you up to 80% of the cost of replacing these surfaces using a smart repair system.

Our repair services are environmentally friendly. Learn more about CN Surface Repairs by calling 07904 050203 for a FREE survey and quotation for your damage repairs.

Learn more about CN Surface Repairs by calling 01384 476182 for a FREE survey and quotation for your damage repairs.

Why choose CN Sealants

  • Highly Experienced Team of Professional Tradesmen
  • We cover all of the UK from our West Midlands HQ
  • All of our Repairs are fully guaranteed & environmentally friendly
  • NHBC Accredited
  • SMAS & SSIP Accredited
  • Domestic and Commercial Specialists

” Amazing job, fixed my cracked bath and it looks like new “
Steve – Stafford

” Thank you. We had our windows painted in black and it looks so good and saved us money not buying new ones! “
Paul S – Birmingham